Innovation Capital Advisors


Equity Capital Raising

ICA can help companies raise capital of between £2m and £50m to achieve their goals. There is the ability to raise more equity for clients, especially in real estate projects.



Debt Capital Raising

ICA can help companies not only raise debt capital to support their plans but also assist with managing existing lenders to support a refinancing or acquisition.



Strategic Advisory

ICA can help companies with their strategic direction and business model as well as with their partnership strategies to generate more revenues. It can also help bolster the senior team of businesses, bring on board experienced non-executive directors, advisors or interim Directors that can not only aid a capital raising process but also enable the company execute its business plan.



Management Buy-outs

ICA can help an incumbent management team raise capital to acquire a business from its current owners. This process will include helping create a credible business plan that can be used to source an equity investor and Bank debt to enable a deal to be completed.


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