Innovation Capital Advisors

Key Sectors

Retail & Leisure

Despite the challenging economic environment, the UK continues to produce world leading companies in the retail and leisure sector. British retailers were the early adopters of e-commerce and remain at the forefront of the retailing sector worldwide. There has therefore never been a better time for entrepreneurs to build and grow successful companies in this sector as the talent in the UK to create, build and scale is exceptional. The ICA team has considerable experience working with leading retail and leisure companies at every stage of their development.


Software & Technology

The cost of setting up a business has fallen dramatically due to the ability to use software and technology to build products and platforms that enable businesses to scale and grow at a rate that previously would have taken many years. The UK now has a growing talent pool, stemming from university research, innovation in existing businesses and the attraction of highly skilled people from overseas, that is using software and technology to create solutions to the ever-changing opportunities in the consumer and enterprise markets. ICA has worked with a large number of software and technology businesses and has a strong understanding of market entry strategies and business models. 


Business Services

Companies are operating in a fast-paced environment, with business models constantly changing. They therefore need to focus on their core strengths and then use partners to ensure they provide the best product or service to their end customers.


Financial Services / Fintech

The global financial services industry is going through dramatic change. Enhancements in technology are allowing new entrants to be created at a fast pace whilst incumbents have to deal with increasing regulation and cost bases that mean it is difficult to remain nimble in this ever increasingly competitive market.


Asset Backed Businesses

Given the on-going low returns investors receive from cash there is a growing desire to invest in asset backed businesses, especially if they produce a strong yield. The assets businesses provide could encompass real estate but also financial products that have strong asset backing.

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