Innovation Capital Advisors



ICA does not believe that Britain's best days are behind them. It believe's that ambitious teams, embracing new technologies and business models, who work hard and have the right level of capital and strong partners, can become and remain leaders in their respective field.

ICA brings together an in-depth knowledge and experience of both equity and debt providers that means it is well placed to assess who is best to approach for any capital raising process, be it for growth, to make an acquisition or to lead a management buy-out. ICA also has a strong understanding of the importance of finding the right investor or lender, as growing a business is not just about capital but about finding a partner that can potentially help execute your strategy or de-risk the business in someway.

Overall ICA aims to become a long term business partner for its clients by providing advice through the growth cycle, ensuring capital is raised on the most optimum terms possible and assisting to ensure the business achieves its full potential. 

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